MW3 trailer released (yes is a war game)

MW3 Trailer Released

If you are into killing people you don’t know over countless days on the internet then you are probably as excited as I am that the new Modern Warfare 3 trailer has been released. I have already warned my lady that she better get her quality time with me now because when this gem releases on November 8th (tentative launch date) she will be switching back over to her battery operated boyfriend for a while.

Let just face it that every year when this game series launches new titles for that first couple of months its better than sex (and less clean up afterward…. unless you spill the RedBull). I was looking back at one of my multiple player cards yesterday just to get an idea of how much time that I have spent on BlackOps (the last Call of Duty Release) and almost got sick when I realized there are probably plenty of other things out there I can be wasting my time on. But then again who doesn’t love them some good old fashion ass kicking.

When the bullets are flying and the noobs are dying that’s where you will find me (probably on the wrong end next to the noobs). The Video Below is my take on the whole thing and a bunch of other rambling I am doing about who the hell knows what this time!!