She Bush


Not a big day for the media but one thing that did stand out was former First Lady Laura Bush had some interesting things from her new book hit the net. One of the most interesting things I saw from it were about George Bush being poisoned on a trip the Germany for the Summit in2007. She talks about how George and the rest of his staff got sick and they believe that he had been poisoned though never were able to prove it. This to me once again proves that the Germans are idiots. Who in their right mind whether they like him or not would try to take out the most powerful man in the world on your home turf. In fact, I can’t even think of a battle that Germany has won that had any significant reliance in “The Motherland” can you?

Maybe the Germans need to start taking advice from Tiger Woods. This is a man for years was able to get away with whatever he wanted and never get caught for it. Yes…yes, I do understand that he was caught in the act in the end, but when it comes to shifting global power in this world a little secrecy would probably make them more successful. If nothing else it might help out their golf swing, who was the last German to win a Masters?

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