Let the genie out of the bottle!!

So I am searching through the blogs today and everyone seems to be bitching about how Christina Aguilera is stealing Lady GaGa’s style in her new music video “Not Myself Tonight”. Apparently, these idiots have never seen a Christina video before. Christina has been making teenage boys (and girls) have wet dreams over her music videos for over a decade now. It is a popular trend in the music industry to steal other artists style but I hate to break it to you uneducated nonmusic video watching idiots that GaGa actually stole her style from Christina.


How could this be true you ask? Well apparently some of these people missed the video for “Dirty” and if that wasn’t GaGa enough for them then maybe they never saw the video to “Lady Marmalade”!! Either way, I find it funny that this is even being brought up. If you ask my honest opinion it all came from Marlyn Monroe and remixed to today’s standards…. but that is just my honest opinion. There have to be far better things to talk about today. Here are couple of links that I think you should check out if you don’t believe me. (that is if you click them before YouTube pulls them down)

The first video is a prime example of previous videos Christina has done with similar if not the same style. The second is the actual video. I think it’s time for the media and bloggers alike to observe a blast from the past start paying attention to things like facts and…..like why this idiot (yes I am referring to myself) figured this out and you didn’t!! You be the judge.

What do you think, who copied who?