Seems Appropriate: First Look Of Michael Fassbender As Upcoming Assassin’s Creed Movie Protagonist


This is the first shot of Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch, the protagonist of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie. The movie is scheduled for release December 21st, 2016 and hopefully, will not suck. It might though. No word if Fassbender’s penis will make an appearance, but my girlfriend just wrote director Justin Kurzel demanding it. I am trying not to be jealous.

Thanks to Aisha K, who agrees they better not find a way to screw this up.

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Conceived With Evil: Emperor Palpatine Ultrasound

Babies, creepy, DeviantArt, everyone always reminds me of someone else, freaky deeky, hopefully, he doesn’t come out doing that lightning hand trick, looking for someone else, please don’t be evil please don’t be evil please don’t be evil, star wars, uh-oh, ultimate power is overrated, ultrasound, well this isn’t good, when I was ultra sounded the doctor thought i had three legs HIYO!

Palpatine Ultrasound

This is a shot of DeviantARTist Hearte42′s ultrasound, which looks suspiciously like Emperor Palpatine. Will the boy grow up to a megalomaniac, crazed for ultimate power? No, because it’s a girl. I’m kidding, I don’t know what it is but it’s definitely not a turtle. Right? That isn’t a turtle, right?

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who the prophecies have foretold will birth a mighty dragon. Congrats!

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I’d Wear It: Winter Jacket With Integrated Goggles In Hood

Jackets with Integrated GogglesBig brother can’t see me now!, cold, different strokes for different folks, expensive, goggles, goggles or goggles, I half want it and half like wearing scarfs (I’m a little frou-frou), I really do kind of like that, I would wear that, jacket, space ranger, staying warm, sure why not, winter

This is the $424 Matt Nylon Hooded Down Jacket. It has a vented hood with integrated goggles (plus a sweet ass pom-pom on top!). Not only will you look cool, but you won’t lose any precious body heat out of your uncovered face and neck. Just don’t burp in there after eating or you might vomit. I suppose you could also use it for a bank robbery but if you already spent $424 on a jacket you should probably save the bank robbing for someone poorer. Don’t be greedy.

Hit the jump for a closeup of the hood and goggles.

Thanks to Keith M, who wraps his head in scarfs and looks out of two toilet paper tubes and kind of looks like a Tusken Raider.

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“Growing” Furniture Out Of Plastic And Magnets


Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel made these stools with magic by mixing iron filings with molten plastic and creating the legs by “pulling” them up using magnets. When the plastic hardens, BAM — you’ve got yourself a stool. “What the — I’m not milking cows, who the hell sits on a stool anymore?” Who sits on a stool anymore?!?! What the hell do you think I’m blogging from? “The toilet.” Haha, you have no idea how many articles I’ve written from here. “All of them?” Every single one.

Hit the jump for a pictorial of the process.

Gallery: funky furniture ‘grown’ with magnets defy gravity [device]

Thanks to Vicky, who allegedly has a levitating chair but it looks suspiciously like a regular one with a tablecloth draped over it so you can’t see the legs.

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Iron Man Cosplay On A Budget. Like A $0 Budget


Halt citizen — you do not want pictures of her. That is a man in a pink wig.

Because conventions are expensive enough to attend, sometimes you don’t have any money left over for a costume. Aaaaaaaaand this is what happens — you wind up wearing your PJ’s and some yellow ribbon. Listen — when packing tape is the most expensive part of your costume it is time to reevaluate your life as a cosplayer. Kidding, this guy probably wound up going home with Catwoman. “The girl wearing a trash bag with two spoons taped to her head?” Yep — they’re gonna have babies together! “You mean kittens?” Iron kitties.

The Best Piece of Crap Iron Man Cosplay Suit Ever Created [obviouswinner]

Thanks to bb and Terry, who’ve both been cosplaying as my friends. Wait — you guys aren’t for real?!

Teensy Weensy! The World’s New Smallest Vertebrate


Plus they can stop on a dime.

According to a research article published by the University of Louisiana, this is the recently discovered New Guinea Paedophryne amanuensis, the world’s new smallest vertebrate. Which — come on — show a little backbone, will ya? Haha, that was an Indiana Jones quote. You know, from the scene where he’s in the airplane and the pilot’s pet snake is between his legs. Indy hates snakes! Me? I hate everything.

Averaging less than one-third of an inch (7.7 millimeters) in length, the frogs are able to fit in the center of a U.S. dime.

Paedophryne amauensis steals its tiny crown from Paedocypris progenetica, an Indonesian fish that averages over eight millimeters in length.

Wow, could you imagine being that small? The world would seem so giant. But to us humans, it’s tiny. I mean, we can travel around the entire planet in like, what, 80 days now? Technology!

World’s Tiniest Vertebrate, Paedophryne Amauensis Frog, Discovered In New Guinea[huffingtonpost] and Ecological Guild Evolution and the Discovery of the World’s Smallest Vertebrate [plosone] (official scientific mumbo-jumbo paper). Thanks to Rev Dr. Dom, who found an even smaller frog in his soup one time but didn’t tell anybody because he really likes the restaurant’s dessert and didn’t want them to get closed down.

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